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Attempting a self-portrait

Self portrait

It’s not a perfect first attempt, but it’s fun and at least I started, right?

Will we ever get there?

5 year goals (from 2009)

My husband recently came across an old list I made. It was great timing because lately we’ve been wondering if we’ll ever finish many of our goals and it was inspiring to see how many things from the old list are either completed or started.

Are you on Pinterest?

Like many bloggers, I watched the traffic to my site from Pinterest increase throughout 2011, and I finally decided to join Pinterest.

Eleven Months Old (Peter’s Monthly Photo)

11 months old

You’ve got trash

Old baking sheets

I’ve recently decided it was time to admit to myself that I’m keeping trash.

New (de-cluttered) blog design

New blog design

I’ve really been focusing on de-cluttering this year, as I promised I would earlier. Today I uploaded a new, de-cluttered blog design.