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Whole 30: Week 4, we’re almost there


Just a few short weeks ago I was wondering how on earth I would make it through 30 whole days without dark chocolate and honey, or the occasional sarsaparilla soda (yum…).  Now I’m wondering if I’ll ever go back. I feel great. All the flavors in different vegetables are tasting better and better and I’m […]

Food for thought on grains

Are Whole Grains Healthy?

According to the FDA, you should eat three or more servings of whole grains daily. If you’ve switched to whole grains or are thinking about it, please read this first.

Whole30: Breezing along through week 3

Whole30 Week 3

At the beginning of week 3, this way of eating really started to feel easy and we’ve been considering going beyond the 30 days. We’re settled in our routine for making sure meals are prepared and we’re still enjoying coming up with new food combinations. I think I could eat eggs and sweet potatoes at […]

Whole30: Week 2


This week I started to feel really hungry all day, and ate a lot more food despite my clothes starting to feel loose again. I didn’t think I was going to lose any more weight since I had already lost so much and had leveled off for at least a month. I started debating if […]

Nine Months Old (EC update)

Diapers before and after

Canceled diaper service Just after Peter turned 6 months, I hesitantly canceled the diaper washing service. We went from the huge stack of prefold diapers on the left to the tiny stack of organic prefold diapers on the right. Typically, the 30 diapers last us a week before I have to wash them. They hang […]

Homemade sausage

Apple, Fennel and Sage Sausage

I love to make my own sausage. Starting with pasture-raised ground pork and adding my own herbs and spices means we can control exactly what is in our sausage and try out new flavor combinations. Here are two of my favorites, based on recipes from The Spicy Sausage. One of the meals in our first […]

Nine Months Old (Peter’s Monthly Photo)

9 months old

Whole30: We made it through the first week!

Whole30 Week 1 Meals

Before starting the Whole30 I had serious concerns about my ability to make it 30 full days without any dark chocolate. I wasn’t sure if it was the chocolate itself, the sugar or the caffeine. I quickly realized it was the sugar. I had been eating a mostly Paleo diet for several months but didn’t realize […]

Final purge count for 2011: 247 items

Here is our purge list for the rest of 2011 (November and December).

Whole30: Day 1, Attempt #2

We screwed up already yesterday, but are committed to getting this right, so we’re reseting our 30 day clock and going from Jan 2nd – 31st now. Today was much better. I sent Peter off to work with two hamburgers I cooked this morning and vegetables. Here’s what I ate today: I also had bone […]