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Healing through food

Meatloaf and fermented veggies

For the last several years I’ve been trying to learn what it means to eat healthfully. Since high school, my main focus with food was maintaining a healthy weight (always a struggle for me). This year everything changed when I became a breastfeeding mom. Our son had a few episodes of projectile vomiting, but I […]

My next thirty years

Next 30 years

I find Nicole Balch truly inspirational. The beautiful monthly photos of her children Eleanor and August are what inspired my monthly photos of Peter. I also loved her “30 before thirty” list, but didn’t feel that I had enough time to complete one of my own by the time I saw hers. Nicole has inspired […]

Eight Months Old (Peter’s Monthly Photo)

8 months old

Seven Months Old (Peter’s Monthly Photo)

7 months old

Winter is the time to slow down

I have been overbooking myself lately and it shows. I have I have 18 draft blog posts right now, reflecting my inability to finish a thought to completion when I’m too hurried. (I also have dirty dishes overflowing out of the sink onto the kitchen counter.) I decided to take a moment to publish one […]

Too busy purging and organizing to blog

Fish tank

Just kidding, sort of. I have been organizing a lot but never seem to get the chance to link up to the 52 weeks since Fridays are not working out as good blogging days for me. I took photos of some of our larger purge items this week and listed them on craigslist today. I […]