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Six Months Old (EC update)

Peter in a long sleeve shirt and long socks

Ins and outs Since the previous month, I had been suspicious about some changes in Peter’s stools (but had been told not to worry, and that it was just because of excess saliva from teething). When he got worse the only change I could think of was that he was often nursing in shorter bursts. […]

TV benches

TV benches

We finally upgraded to a flat screen TV a while ago when the last of the LED backlit models were on clearance. I really wanted to hold out and see how long the TV I got when I was 13 would last, but I gave up since that sucker was still going strong after 15 […]

52 weeks list of completed projects

I created a new (organized) page with a list of all the projects I’ve completed and the ones I still want to do. There’s only 10 weeks left and 10 projects I still want to get done. Wish me luck!

Week 42: Thank goodness for ELFA

Can't open the front door

This has been driving me crazy… Why? Take a closer look… We love this portable washer that was handed down to us, but hate that the only place we could put it out of the way, wasn’t really out of the way since we could only partially¬†open our front door. I am so glad we […]

Five Months Old (EC update)

Peter wearing a perfold belt and laying on a wool puddle pad

EC at night (with a little background) When I was pregnant, I planned to use a crib because I didn’t even realize there was another option. We bought a mini crib second hand and an organic co-sleeper mattress to fit it (odd that I didn’t even think about what the name meant at the time!). […]

Four Months Old (EC update)

Peter was almost 3 months old when I last wrote about how we’re doing with EC. Since it’s been another 3 months, I thought it was time for an update. I’m feeling kind of long winded, so here’s the 3 to 4 months old update.

Week 41: All the things I don’t have to organize anymore

We finally made some huge progress on de-cluttering. Here is a list of items that are no longer in our apartment demanding a place to be stored. We recycled some, gave some to other families in one of our neighborhood parents’ groups, gave some to a neighbor that does a sidewalk sale for charity and […]

Six Months Old (Peter’s Monthly Photo)

6 months old

Teaser update with more to come soon

So much has been going on here that I can’t wait to find the time to write more about. I’m getting more involved with the Holistic Moms Network and I’m really excited that I’m filling out the application to become a co-leader of the local chapter. (Possibly the last time I’ll get to check the […]