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Gap baby clothes don’t have flame resistant chemicals

GAP pajamas

I went to baby Gap the other day and bought this sleep gown. We were handed down a bunch of newborn and 3 month size gowns and loved them because they make nighttime pottying (or diaper changing) simple. They’re not easy to find in sizes above 6 months, so I was really excited when I saw […]

Week 38: Back to the bookshelf

Bookshelf after

I organized the worst shelf on this bookshelf earlier in the 52 weeks of organizing. This week I worked on the three top shelves on the same bookcase. Now I just have one more to go and I can show off the whole thing.

Week 37: DVD collection

Movies before

Once again, too many choices was not a good thing for us. Here’s how we kept only our favorite DVDs.

Green Tour: Bathroom (Part 2: Water Conservation)

Bathroom rendering

For my 100th post, I’m back on the green tour! We recently took a vacation with my mom’s extended family. While we were there, my environmentally minded uncle worked on converting the outline I made for my “green tour” to a keynote presentation. Other family members joined in too. One question that was asked is “Why […]

What should have been week 36

Last week we had an epiphany about our de-cluttering and organizing mission. We recently read Simplicity Parenting and learned about the problems with too many choices. (I kind of knew this already, but forgot. Oops.) We mentioned the concept to a friend, and he told us about a related idea: decision fatigue. Basically decision fatigue is what happens when […]

Five Months Old (Peter’s Monthly Photo)

5 months old

Week 35: Cutting down the jewelry stash

Jewelry before

This is the before photo of a lot of my jewelry. I had phases with colorful pins and then bracelets. I still like the way they look sorted by color in my closet… but I never wear them anymore. I also still have my childhood jewelry box, but the necklace hanging spot is made for […]