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Birth Story Part 2

Back at home

Catch up on Part 1 if you haven’t read it yet. After days of labor, I was so excited that it was finally time to push and couldn’t wait to see the baby. The midwife held the lip on my cervix out of the way to allow the baby’s head to come through. While I […]

Week 25: Organizing a shelf full of paperwork

I haven’t touched any papers for over two months, unless you count shoving them in to every nook and cranny of this one shelf on my bookcase…

Birth Story Part 1

Belly on my due date

There I am in my last weekly belly photo, on my due date. I was prepared to wait it out until baby was ready to make his or her debut, but I didn’t have to wait long!

Week 24: Back to organizing (starting small)

Hooks behind the door

To tie in perfectly with this week’s theme (“Finish what you start”), this week I picked a very small project to get started with. Our towel situation has been been driving me crazy for a while. Here’s what I did to fix it!

Trying to add more dining space


I love to cook. I especially love to cook for friends and family. On occasion, we have more people over than can fit around our small dining table and I’m trying to figure out what to do with an extra table in between those occasions.

Two Months Old (Peter’s Monthly Photo)

2 months old


Rhubarb-Apple Crumble

Rhubarb-Apple Crumble

On our last trip to the farmer’s market there was plenty of rhubarb but no strawberries yet. I decided to try a baked dish with rhubarb and apple and it came out perfectly tart and scrumptious. I went back for seconds. And then I had some more with my eggs for breakfast this morning.

This is more like it

This is my first time trying to post from my iPod. If it works, you might be hearing from me more often! Today is much better than the last few days have been weather-wise. This is what the weather is supposed to be like this time of year… sunny, breezy and mid-70s. Here’s the view […]