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I can’t believe I sewed this!

Putting front and back together

I just have to share this because I still can’t believe I did it. I wanted to make my own crib bumper and skirt because all the sets I saw were gender specific, way too expensive etc. I ended up spending $20 on fabric and $10 on batting.

Week 8: Dividing drawers

Baby's divided drawer

I realized as I was working on my week 8 goal that it wasn’t really organizing project, so I took a photo of another project I did this week: organizing baby clothes.

Week 7: Purge first, organize second


In the last couple of weeks, I’ve continued to work on my organizing list for the first 12 weeks, but I shifted my focus to doing some more serious purging first. I started realizing that organizing stuff I didn’t even want was a waste of my time, energy and limited space.

Week 6: Work in progress bedroom storage

Shoe cabinets in bedroom

I never got around to posting last week, so it’s already week 7 of Org Junkie’s 52 Weeks of Organizing. Better late than never?

Week 5: Quick book cleanup

Night table before

This week was very busy with work, so I tackled a quick area that was bugging me. I often read in bed until my eyes start to droop and my stack of books near the bed has recently gotten out of hand. Here’s what I did to get it under control.