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Green Tour: Bathroom (Part 1: Products)

Bathroom rendering

Over the last few years I’ve been trying to get away from a bathroom filled with products that promise to deliver this or that and make you feel perfectly pulled together (but never do). Here’s a run down of some of the ways that we’ve cut out both unnecessary packaging waste as well as toxins from our personal care routines.

There’s no hiding it anymore…


Yep, we’re having a baby! We’ve been working hard to make room in our apartment; which has been turned upside down. (Hence, the break in the green tour.) Also, part of the motivation to either finish outstanding projects or give them up. I’ve been doing lots of reading, eating well and sleeping. We’re trying to […]

Simple Tip for NYC Visitors


Yesterday I had several appointments and errands to run in Manhattan, and I had a lot of fun walking between them since it’s now that magical holiday time when the city sparkles, the windows have amazing holiday displays and music fills the air.