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The Useful 20 Percent

After reading “Home is Not My Stuff” this weekend, I was inspired to tackle a project I’ve been putting off for ages: the medicine cabinet, vanity and below sink storage in the bathroom.

Formaldehyde in Maple Syrup?

I read in Growing Up Green that maple syrup may contain formaldehyde and since I recently ran out of maple syrup I wanted to do a little research before I purchased more today. Here’s what I found out.

This Time I’m Really Back

The first time I joined Menu Plan Monday, I said I was “getting back into meal planning” but it turns out I wasn’t quite ready. Now I’m really back!

Green Tour: Entry (Part 2)

I think I need to pick up the pace of this green tour… we’re still at the entry. The entry plays a big roll in one of the most important steps we’ve taken: getting off of plastic bags!

Eco-Friendly To Go (And On-the-Go)

Over the last month we’ve had a lot more delivery meals and meals out at restaurants than usual. I’ve always felt very guilty about all the waste. To help ease my conscience a little bit, we’ve implemented some simple changes.