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A Greener Spring

In honor of National Arbor Day, I’d like to tell you about MillionTreesNYC; a city initiative to plant one million trees in NYC over the next decade.

Find Good Food

For those days when you just can’t face cooking, here’s a great resource: The Eat Well Guide to local, sustainable and organic food. Enter your zip code and see local results for bakers, butchers, coffee shops, restaurants, wineries and more.

Feeding Baby Green Review

Feeding Baby Green is an easy read, packed with tons of information, stories, recipes and one massive checklist to help you stick to the goals.

Fresh Pizza Sauce

Cooked pizza with extra sauce for dipping crust

Tired of throwing away unfinished, expired jars of sauce? Here’s a recipe for single use fresh pizza sauce.

Fresh Pesto


Tired of throwing away unfinished, expired jars of sauce? Here’s a recipe for fresh pesto with some ideas for variations.

The Refrigerator Door

I’ve been thinking about all those jars and bottles that build up in the refrigerator and eventually get thrown away when they expire. Here are some ideas to cut back on the waste.

Cooking with Leeks

Somehow I never tried leeks until one of the farmers at the greenmarket gave me some advice on how to cook with them. Here’s what I learned and some dishes I made with them.

Skylight Herb Garden

Our apartment is not suitable for keeping anything green alive because our only windows have a north-west exposure. Or so I thought! After talking to a vendor at the farmer’s market, I decided to try again by starting an herb garden in one of our skylights.

Spelt Chocolate Chunk Cookies

These spelt-flour cookies have a nice nutty flavor. The pecans give them a little crunch and the maple syrup gives a sweet flavor while allowing the dough to remain soft and chewy.